Changing our name, but still awesome.

It’s December. This is the time of year that many folks like to reflect on the year that’s passed and make resolutions or goals for the coming year. On a personal level, those first few snowstorms in November start us dreaming about the events we’d like to do, places we’d like to visit, and fitness goals we’d like to achieve over the coming year. Those far off events and goals keep us motivated and warm during the cold, dark days of winter.

Granite Tandem Design as a company is looking back on the past year and dreaming about the future, too. We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to run a small business. We’ve made a lot of connections and good friends along the way. We’ve built some sweet tandems for some pretty amazing people. Our product portfolio now includes frames, forks, eccentrics, coupler wrenches, and extended derailleur cages.

Looking forward to 2019, we have some changes in mind for our bike venture. We intend to keep building awesome tandems. We’ll be adding some catalog tandems and adaptive bikes in a few months, with some thoughts on other additions. We’ll add features to our website that will streamline the decision process with new custom bikes and builds. As we have grown, our brand vision has evolved and we have determined that we need a name that truly encompasses that vision of who we want to be and where we want to go. With this in mind, the name “Granite Tandem Design” will be retired. We are very excited to announce that we’ve already shipped the first four bikes with our new brand name, Cycles Chinook. A Chinook is the state dog of New Hampshire who are bred for speed, strength, and endurance to pull sleds on expeditions. They’re personable, loyal and loving. The name also refers to the warm, dry winds that sweep down from the mountains. To us it means delivering an exceptional experience through inspired design, personalized approach and a shared love of riding.

Ultimately, Cycles Chinook’s passion is to encourage exploration and deliver adventure.

We’ll be running full speed through the winter, like those hearty sled dogs. We’re excited to continue this expedition into 2019. We look forward to meeting more adventurers and enthusiasts like yourselves. We’ll do our best to equip you with the right bicycle for your next adventures.


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