Today’s quote comes from writer and poet Stephanie Bennett-Henry. We saw the saying on a motivational sign in the middle of a Farm-to-Fork Fondo in Maine or Vermont a few years ago.  As Covid-19 works its way around the globe, wreaking havoc on health care systems, economies, and social lives, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that we’re tough. And we’ll get through this. Our family, friends, neighbors, community, state, country, and species…. we are in this together.

For most of the world’s population, being “tough” right now means staying home, listening to scientists, practicing social distancing, and being patient. If you’re in that category, you might like to check out a new author or read about some events to put on the calendar for later (see above for both). Those working in essential services right now — medical care, emergency services, grocery stores, pharmacies, farmers, truckers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, sanitation, transportation services (yes, including bike shops) — deserve our thanks and praise.

Cycles Chinook is able to keep operating while sheltering in place here in New Hampshire. We may not get back to every call and email within an hour, but we will get back to you. We work with suppliers around the globe, and none are fully immune to the effects of the novel coronavirus. We understand that many folks will be delaying ordering a dream bike until the future is more certain. Keep dreaming, though, because we will put Covid-19 behind us.  We’ve been adding photos to our gallery to offer some inspiration and idea of what’s possible. We’re also happy to remotely offer our expertise for keeping your existing tandem bikes (of any brand) running smoothly. We can still get or make tandem-specific parts to send your way. Feel free to email or book a call to discuss:

Emily Lafferty climbing a steep dirt road aboard her Chinook gravel bike