About Us

A shared love for life and adventure is what brought us together. The thirst for discovery led us to take the path less traveled to build a bike of our own design instead of accepting the status quo. The exhilaration of our first ride on that bike made us realize that when you’re passionate about what you do you can accomplish anything, and your whole life becomes an adventure. Cycles Chinook is the embodiment of that belief and with it comes the promise of delivering an exceptional experience through inspired design, personalized approach and a shared love of riding. True to our origin, Cycles Chinook’s passion is to encourage exploration and deliver adventure. Let us help you discover yours.

Who we are

David Lafferty, is a mechanical engineer, bike builder, and tandem enthusiast. He started building bikes in his dorm at MIT. He combines his passion for riding with his depth of engineering knowledge to create one-of-a-kind bicycles and custom components.

Emily Lafferty, MBA is a stoker, business developer, and athlete. With experience across various functional areas of business, she aims to create a process that not only helps customers own their dream bike but makes building that bike a fun and empowering experience.

Why we do it

We build custom titanium tandems that are designed and built to fit each customer’s specific size and lifestyle. Your adventures are our design perimeters. Many of our best days are spent riding our tandem. Cycles Chinook allows us to share our love for riding, racing and traveling with the cycling community one custom bike at a time. If we can expand someone’s love for riding through our bikes, then in some small way, we believe we’re making the world a better place.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about what we do, who we are, or why we do it.