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Gravel Tandem

Gravel Tandem

Explore new roads The fun begins when the pavement ends. Take it camping in the mountains. Race it in events. Discover the quieter routes near home or afar.

Up to 700 x 60 or 27.5 x 3.0 tires

Capable. Confident. Comfortable.

Road Tandem

Road Tandem

Built for speed. Laterally stiff to deliver your power to the pavement. Comfortable enough to ride for hours (or days). This is the tandem of choice for club rides, fondos, light touring, or ultra racing.

Up to 700 x 45 or 650b x 51 tires

Agile. Stiff. Lightweight.

All-Road Tandem

All-Road Tandem

One bike for all roads. Ride the same familiar bike for all sorts of drop bar adventures. Load it up for a weekend or month away. Add some plush tires for exploring lightly trafficked dirt roads. Deck it out with aero wheels for club rides. Feel at ease wherever the road takes you.

UP TO 700 X 51 OR 650B X 61 TIRES

Adaptable performance. Smooth ride.


Cycles Chinook eTandem

.Flatten the hills. Reinvigorate your rides with electric motor assistance. Enjoy the handling, ride quality, and fit of a high performance bike while taming hills and headwinds.​

*Up to 27.5 X 3.1 Tires

Tame the Hills

Gravel Single

Cycles Chinook Alternate Route Titanium Gravel Frameset

Explore new roads. Take it camping in the mountains or line up at a gravel race. The fun begins when the pavement ends. 

Local Legend

Frequent Flyer

Full Custom

Fully Custom Tandem or Single Bike

The Right Fit! We’ll dial in the frame based on your measurements and pick the parts to fit your needs, perfectly.

The perfect fit

Build your adventure