Boom Tube Bottle Cage Bracket


Add two bottle cages to an existing bottle cage boss.

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This bracket's working title is the BCB74SL (bottle cage bracket, 74 degrees, super light). It’s intended to put two bottle cages in easy reach for the stoker on a tandem with boom tube bosses. Thanks to some aggressive pocketing and some iteration in FEA, the bracket itself weighs only 20g.

Includes 2 stainless M5 x 15mm pan head torx screws to secure the bracket to your frame. Torque bolts to 5Nm.

Includes 4 stainless M5 x 10mm button head screws for your cages. Torque bottle cage bolts to 2-3Nm unless your bottle cages say otherwise.


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Lead Time

Bottle cage brackets ship in 1-2 business days. Bottle cages may add a few days processing time.

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