Titanium Tandem or Touring Fork


Made-to-order titanium tandem forks for road, gravel, touring, bikepacking, or adventuring.

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We've been designing titanium forks to fit the needs of tandem cyclists since the early days of Cycles Chinook. Our forks are designed for the braking, tire clearance, and accessory-carrying needs of adventuresome duos. Compared to readily available carbon tandem-rated forks, our Ti forks are more vertically compliant, a bit heavier, and offer more customization. Compared to most steel tandem-rated forks, our forks are a bit lighter and offer the durability benefits of unpainted titanium.

Due to our construction methods and strength requirements, tire clearance under the fork crown tends to be the limiting factor for axle-to-crown length.  When ordering, please double-check the axle-to-crown length needed for your frame AND the tire clearance that you'll need.

If you need an option that's not listed in the dropdowns, please contact us with your request.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 8 × 4 in
Lead Time

Forks are made-to-order. Lead time is approximately 12 weeks.


Listed weight and dimensions are for shipping purposes only. If you need any estimate of the custom product's weight, please contact us.